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IP CCTV Installations

Unified Voice & Data work with leading manufacturers to design and install an IP CCTV system for your businesses needs. Full IP CCTV Installation is future proofing your security.

Why choose IP CCTV?

IP CCTV is taking over from the traditional analogue systems, while CCTV cameras transmit internally, directly to a recording device, IP cameras connect via a network, so that the images they produce can be viewed by means of the Internet. Therefore you can monitor what is happening while you are away from your business, which results in a quicker response should there be any suspicious activity.


Types of IP CCTV System

Bullet IP Cameras: These types of IP CCTV camera are very popular and very flexible, being suitable for use indoor and outdoor. They can come with a host of options such as variable focal lengths and infra red imaging and they perform well as a camera. However, they can be vulnerable to vandalism which means they are best used high up and in inaccessible places.


IP technology also enables you to have a larger, clearer picture because of its high megapixel resolution, which means that a larger area is covered, the image is clearer and you can see more details, not to mention the fact that you can also zoom in if necessary.


Image Resolution – The fact is that there are simply no better cameras on the market than IP CCTV cameras. Far better than analogue systems and offering better image resolution than HD cameras, if you want crisp and clear CCTV pictures then IP cameras are the way to go.


Future Proof – As the most advanced cameras on the market, if you wish to future proof yourself as much as possible, then IP CCTV cameras are the only choice as these systems can ‘grow’ with your needs as time goes on. Whilst they may be more expensive than HD and analogue cameras, this future proofing makes them a very cost effective choice of CCTV camera in the long term.

Dome IP CCTV Cameras: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they are very vandal resistant too. Very flexible like the bullet camera, they come in a range of sizes and options and you can have the choice of fixed or moveable cameras.


IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV systems are gaining in popularity because of the advantages they offer over their analogue equivalents.


We have a wide range of IP CCTV that is now suitable for the largest of industrial warehouses or the smallest of domestic buildings, Our NVR’s are available in small units capable of operating up to 8 IP cameras or up to an impressive rack mountable 64 channel NVR.


Our 3MP and 4MP cameras offer an extremely high resolution however they’re at a competitive price meaning you can have the option to have the next generation in CCTV without it costing a fortune.

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