Sim Only

SIM Only

A SIM only contract has several excellent reasons why you this type of deal could be perfect for you. Unlike your regular phone contract, you don’t get a new handset. A SIM only contract covers minutes, texts and mobile data in its monthly fee.

So, if you’re happy with the phone you currently have, and a new handset has no interest to you, a SIM only deal is the perfect choice.

You’ll still receive all the same network benefits, so if you’re having issues with your current network or current, but not your phone, let’s talk.

If your wanting to reduce your monthly mobile spend, switching to a SIM only deal is a great move. There’s one simple reason for this, the price of the phone is not included in your monthly bill.

SIM only contracts can give you freedom and flexibility. Majority of all networks now offer contracts from as short as 30 days, and you can keep them on a rolling monthly basis, so if your put off by a long-term commitment, a SIM only deal could be for you.

Another benefit could be that you’re waiting for the latest phone to be released, but your current contract is ending soon, in this instance SIM only is a good move. Sign up to a rolling monthly contract, as soon as the phone in question is released simply cancel the contract and change handsets.

Alternatively, you may have purchased a phone outright and now need to secure a network package. SIM free phones are generally unlocked so you can pair the phone with almost any network you wish.

This can sometimes work out cheaper, providing you have secured your new SIM free phone with a low interest or interest free credit card.

Simply put, a SIM only deal works in almost every possible way as a normal mobile phone contract, however that the deal doesn’t include a phone.

You get a SIM card (so it’s ‘SIM only’), along with an agreed amount of monthly minutes, texts and data. If you need a SIM only deal, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0113 457 6626.


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