Unified Voice and Data|Blog|Uncategorized|BUSINESS TELECOMS IN 2018 – KEY FACTORS, TRENDS AND QUESTIONS

Businesses are always looking to drive performance of their business, changes for the better and much more. When it comes to business telecoms, sometimes businesses stay in the dark and their telecoms does not reflect the ambition of the business.

However, start-ups and small businesses could see huge benefits by brining in the latest telecom technologies and getting the right infrastructure in place with regards to communication, data storage and much more.

One of the most important things is to make sure that you are making communication as easy as possible for your customers. Making sure it is easy for clients to get through, that you have enough lines to deal with multiple calls and enough client service personnel to make calling your business a pleasure rather than a nightmare. A great way to track this is report on the time it takes to answer calls, and even record the call so you can use it to improve your customer service.

Moving to mobile phones and there applications may also be a way to improve customer service. Great SIM only deals are available which can help you keep phone costs down and give you flexibility to move around and become a more agile worforce. Looking at the data you pay for vs the data you use might also highlight wasted money. Companies will regularly pay around 3 times more for the data on their contract, rather than the data they use. This is even more noticeable as people are using phones to communicate not on the phone but via apps, such as whatsapp, which can eat up the data.

If you are unsure what your business needs, or how your business can use the latest technology to get ahead of your competitors, please talk to Unified Voice & Data. We have experienced professionals on hand to help you with all your business needs and we will never sell you something you don’t need, looking to enhance your business rather than confuse it with complex systems.