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Many small businesses start with a mobile phone, but it is important to consider not just where you are now, but where you are going. If your only business phone is your personal mobile, will this be convenient when your business grows, and staff numbers increase? Unified Voice & Data, the Business Communication Solutions experts, advise that while phone lines may seem an unnecessary expense at first, they could be a worthwhile business investment.

Telephone calls are generally thought to be the single most important way of communicating with customers. Many small businesses do not have the facility for face-to-face meetings with customers, and a phone call allows discussion without costly visits. The customer who has taken the trouble to call has shown an increased level of interest and commitment, over that shown by internet enquiries, and so phone calls generally lead to a higher rate of take-up.

Whether a landline is necessary or not, is dependent on other factors. Phone lines are generally perceived to indicate a degree of longevity, reliability, and therefore trustworthiness in a business, which may not be conveyed by the use of a mobile telephone only. This can be more important where repeat business, or a longer term relationship with the customer is expected, or where the goods or services to be provided exceed a certain value deemed to be ‘expensive’. The customer has the reassurance that a long-term contract for phone lines has been entered into by the business, and there is an expectation that the business will therefore be contactable in the future.

Phone lines offer a level of reliability and good level of service that mobiles sometimes lack. Poor signal areas plague business discussions on mobile telephones, whereas landlines are very rarely of poor quality. Phone lines do not run out of charge, or data, or minutes, at crucial points in a business transaction.

Mobiles do offer a greater degree of flexibility, though, and having an employee contactable even while not in the office is a luxury we now take for granted. There is no need to give up this facility if you decide your business needs a landline – for the best of both worlds, contact Unified Voice & Data to discuss systems for integrating your mobile telephones with your phone lines.