Audio and video conferencing are essential tools for modern businesses, allowing you to communicate with employees and clients in a way that’s simple and convenient. A webcam and microphone are just the basics and there are plenty of ways you can enhance your conference room’s capabilities, so here are five excellent products that are sure to do just that.

Google Jamboard

It might sound like a selection of fruit preserves, but the Jamboard is actually a high-tech interactive whiteboard with an impressive feature set. In terms of technical specifications it’s first class, with a 55-inch 4k touchscreen display, wi-fi connectivity and a built-in HD camera. Conveniently, the Jamboard also supports G Suite, Google’s family of handy software including Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive.

Meeting Owl

The Meeting Owl is an unusual, innovative and slightly sinister-looking smart video conferencing camera. Its unique 360 degree lens switches focus dynamically between participants depending on who’s speaking, with eight omni-directional microphones providing crystal clear audio.

Alexa for Business

Utilising Amazon’s range of Echo devices, Alexa for Business is a pay-as-you-go service aimed at simplifying business communications. It can help to organise meetings, manage schedules, set reminders and much more, so you can focus less on tedious admin and more on productivity.

Smart film

Smart film is a development of smart glass technology and can be affixed directly to windows with special adhesives. It allows you to toggle between clear and opaque glass at a moment’s notice, affording you quick and convenient privacy and protection from sun glare.


Nicknamed the wallpaper TV, this offering from LG is astonishingly slim at just 2.57mm thick. It certainly doesn’t come cheap, but the HDR-enabled 4k display, sleek design and Dolby Atmos soundbar mean that the W8 is a serious addition to any conference room.

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