In the digital era, connectivity and the use of the internet is very much a necessity for almost every business. Such is the demand on it, no longer is any level of connectivity ok; instead businesses require the very fastest internet speeds to make them as efficient as possible.

Whilst most people accept that there may be a connectivity problem on the odd occasion caused by factors out of everyone’s control, frequent internet issues can lead to a loss in production and profits for your business.

According to recent statistics, over 75% of workers believe that good internet speed is critical to them being able to do their job on a day to day basis. The same report also shows that 6 in 10 employees also feel a noticeable drop in productivity when internet speeds are slow or there have connectivity issues in their office.

Such is the demand for good connectivity, there has also been a shift in how businesses owners look for office spaces. In the past, location and ease of parking might have been two of the major considerations, however available connectivity speed is a major consideration for Managing Directors when upgrading their businesses space.

Fiber is a great way to get a faster internet connection and more and more businesses are seeing the value of paying for a fibre optic internet speed. Not only does it allow for less downtime, having fiber can also mean you can have more video conference or file share easier, which can both be beneficial for the business.

If you are fed up of having a slow connection speed and believe it has now got to the stage where your business productivity is being compromised, please speak to one of our team today. We can recommend the best option for your individual needs and ensure the speed you get is right for your business for the now and the future.