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Though the majority of business interactions in the past were conducted face-to-face, companies are increasingly moving towards remote working. The rapid advancement of communications technology is only serving to make this simpler, cheaper and more commonplace. Industry experts have recently been forecasting that remote working tools will develop in a number of ways, and here are some of the key takeaways from their predictions.

Video conferencing will be replaced by VR conferencing

Virtual reality has a number of applications in all sorts of sectors, but businesses could be next in line to benefit from the technology. “If you think about videoconferencing today, typically the eye contact doesn’t really work well, the person is never at the right angle, they’re never the right size,” says Stephane Kasriel, CEO of global freelancing website Upwork. The prospect of having a client’s hologram beamed into your office is an intriguing one indeed.

AI will help to manage staff

With remote work comes a degree of independence from management, and AI could be used to help give feedback and direction to workers. “Technology can help communicate that clarity around vision and priorities,” says Cal Henderson, CTO and co-founder of team messaging software Slack.

Communications will be spread across more platforms

Kasriel predicts that companies will increasingly favour a range of specialised communications tools rather than a general, centralised system. “If you think about a typical developer, they will use Google Docs for documentation, Slack for messaging, GitHub for code storage, etc., and these things were never designed to talk to each other,” he says.

Remote tools will become the norm

“Frankly the hardware is not that good, and the software doesn’t work all that well, but you can see a time when the collaboration tools people use are entirely virtual,” says Kasriel. If that were the case, working with someone in the same office and someone in another country would be exactly the same.

Mobile working will be easier

Kasriel believes that working on mobiles and tablets is currently inefficient because “many of these collaboration tools are just terrible on mobile.” Developments in speech recognition, predictive text and mobile design could cause this to change and make working from your phone the norm.

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