The internet is an essential part of many businesses’ operations. From employees being able to check their emails to customers being able to purchase goods online, the functions it fulfils are multi-fold. In order to ensure productivity levels and maximise competiveness, it is therefore important that your business has a fast enough internet speed.

Having a fast internet connection will allow workers to carry out everyday tasks easily and efficiently. These include opening and replying to emails (internally and externally), uploading and downloading files and searching for information on the web. If there is sufficient bandwidth then these jobs will be able to be completed easily and without frustration. However, if the speed is slow, there is a chance that productivity will be compromised as well as staff will become annoyed by how long it takes to complete routine things.

If the customer-facing part of your business’s website is slow then this can also cause many problems and hold you back. If pages take too long to load, potential customers are likely to get a poor impression of the company, or get fed up of waiting, choosing to take their business elsewhere. Similarly, if the speed if the speed is not fast enough and pages time out, then this could mean sales are also lost, particularly if this happens during the transaction process. A slow webpage does not inspire buyer confidence in a brand and can affect the amount of profit which is made.

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