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As a pragmatic and forward-thinking business SB Wakefield approached us and explained how they want to improve their service by enabling call recording and a faster more effective internet system. This plan would ultimately provide a better experience for customers when communicating with SB Wakefield. We recognised the risk is losing call and subsequently business.


Having reviewed their current system we were able to upgrade the system to an Ericcson LG  UCP  100  complete with  iCall, which provided SB Wakefield with  a  full  reporting  and  recording  suite. SB Wakefield  spend  a  lot  of  time  on  the  phone  so  upgrading  the  internet  to  a  dedicated  lease  line  and  moving  onto  SIP  was  the  best  way  to  save  a  lot  of  money.  In upgrading  the  broadband  to  a  leased  line  the  internet  is  4x  faster  boosting  productivity  in  the  office  as  well  as  saving  money.

We have also offered ongoing maintenance of both systems and provided training and support on the iCall platform, to ensure that SB Wakefield is as productive a business as possible.


Working outside of business hours the company saw no impact to their daily responsibilities and goals. Feedback from SB Wakefield has been positive, they have seen a better customer experience, faster internet and a reduction in costs.