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Line Rental and Call Packages

We can provide business calls, lines and SIP packages that are tailored to meet the specific communications requirements of your business. Your voice connections to the outside world are critically important to your operations. Let us review what is in place and make sure you have the best deal. This potentially can fund a technology refresh or simply show a large saving. We are constantly striving to provide the most affordable and reliable business phone lines and call services. Cost-effective and Flexible Solutions

What are SIP Trunks

SIP Trunking is a VoIP service provided over your internet connection that eliminates the need to replace any existing systems you already have. This means lower costs for your business with more flexibility on your phone lines and numbers. To set up a SIP Trunk service you just need a PBX and a fast internet connection as it will be the base on which your business SIP trunking will run.

SIP Trunks give your business the capacity to increase its efficiency, increase resilience with a bespoke Disaster Recovery setup and lower running costs. SIP also improves flexibility and allows the use of new and existing numbers in the UK.

Should you be removing your trusted ISDN lines for SIP?

BT will be switching off the ISDN network in 2025. This seems along time away but as you know time waits for no man and it will be here sooner than we think. Talk to us about this transition as it is not as scary as it may seem.

Fixed Line & 08 Numbers

Outbound calls are typically seen as a considerable cost for businesses. Keeping in touch with clients, prospective customers, providers and remote employees is naturally important. Many businesses, however, discover themselves boxed into call bundles that are costly, fixed and lacking in support, we do business lines, calls, fixed line and 08 numbers differently, in a way that benefits our clients and helps them improve their business.

You will receive amazing wholesale services at reasonable rates offered by leading businesses. As our overhead costs are far more cost-effective than others, you get reliable services at retail rates. We also provide flexible plans in terms of guarantees and pricing and you gain direct access to exceptional support services. The result is a considerable decrease in your outgoings without jeopardising productivity and quality.


In the past, some clients have been cautious of using third-party suppliers as many thought it compromises reliability of services. You can be confident that we offer some of the best fixed line services in the UK. Thanks to our primary investments in our facilities, we are able to provide effective innovations that offer a trouble-free service to our clients. Buying your business phone lines and calls from us allows you to receive a dependable and quality service through a fool proof network.


We provide a huge selection of call, guarantee packages and pricing for all types of businesses. Whatever the complexity or size of your business, you’ll find an ideal lines and calls package for your business.

Excellent Support:

There are times when you’d rather avoid calling support hotlines for different reasons. It can be frustrating and time wasting. After several calls, you may even end up with your problems unresolved. We make sure your problems are solved as soon as we can. We aim to provide efficient and excellent service to our clients.

One Bill:

You will only receive one bill for both your business phone lines and call services. You can access your bill online or receive it in the mail.

We are constantly striving to provide the most affordable and reliable business phone lines and call services. Cost-effective and Flexible Solutions


Improved Connectivity Solutions

Objective Spafield Displays are experts in manufacturing custom plastic fabrications across the retail sector. Having recently worked with Spafield Displays upgrading their broadband we were challenged to replace their current failing system. The team here at Unified Voice and Data were given a brief to reduce monthly costs and improve connectivity in the business. Solution We completely overhauled their communications, installing a new system with SIP trunks, achieving the clients objectives in both reducing costs...

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A huge improvement in efficiency.

Objective Based in Horbury, accountants and business advisors C W DIX Limited approached us and were seeking an upgrade to the current system. Like most business their aim was to improve efficiency and at the same time reduce costs. Solution Working with C W DIX limited for the first time, we first met with them to gain an understanding of their business and goals. As a team of dedicated employees, we recognised that improved communications...

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Epicure get a great experience.

Objective Huddersfield based bar & kitchen Epicure want to provide their customers with a great experience, as part of this they saw a need to provide a free Wi-Fi service. They also recognised the opportunity to use this as a data capture form for their social media and email marketing campaigns. Solution As part of our services, we offer Social Wi-Fi. This allows businesses to capture more data and help engage with customers post visit....

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