Slow internet speeds can have a severely detrimental effect on businesses in several ways, no matter what sector they operate in. Here are some reasons why it is really important to invest in a fast connection.

First of all, a good connection is needed to ensure communications are quick at all times. This means in the office itself between members of staff as well as with clients or potential customers. Slow internet speeds can affect how quickly webpages load as well as the time needed to upload and download email attachments. If documents take a long time to access this can decrease productivity and output levels.

A slow website may also put off potential buyers, especially is it affects how quickly they can browse different products or means that online buying is not available or is too slow and results in purchasing timing out. If you offer online customer support, such as via an online chat option, then this is also likely to be affected and mean that customers who are seeking help will turn their attention to a competitor’s website instead.

A poor connection may also affect other vital parts of your company’s everyday operations. For example it could mean that teleconferencing or video calls are not possible or that the quality of them is poor. This is turn can reflect negatively on the overall impression of your brand and may mean potential clients decide to take their business elsewhere.

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