Unified Voice and Data|Blog|Uncategorized|SLOW INTERNET SPEED CAN HARM YOUR BUSINESS

The internet has revolutionised the way businesses operate and is used by companies in many different ways. It is therefore important that internet speed is sufficient so that performance is not jeopardised. Here are some of the ways that slow internet can harm your business:

  1. Employee productivity

Slow internet speeds can make it incredibly difficult of employees to get their work done. It can affect the time it takes to upload and download attachments, the time taken to check emails, file opening speeds and more. If workers are constantly waiting for things to load, this makes them less productive and can also lead to high levels of frustration.

  1. Loss of sales

As well as affecting productivity, slow internet can also impact sales. If potential customers are browsing your website and find that it is too slow, or it is difficult to load a page, they are likely to take their custom elsewhere. Conversely, high internet speeds can have a positive impact on the browser experience and can help to convert searches into purchases.

  1. Poor reputation

In the long term, slow internet can lead to a poor overall company reputation – both amongst staff and clients. In the internet age people expect to be able to access information instantly and open web pages quickly and easily. It is therefore really important that a company has an adequate internet speed to ensure workers and customers get the best possible experience.

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