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Whilst landlines may be a thing of the past in many homes, with mobile phones replacing them as the main means of communication, it may seem they are obsolete in the business world too. However, not all companies have discarded their landlines just yet. If you are thinking about altering your phones at work, here are some pros and cons of the business landline:


One of the biggest pros of the landline is quality. Compared to the most common alternatives – a mobile phone or VOIP (voice over internet protocol) a landline can provide a much higher quality of service. This is because it is unaffected by poor coverage which may cause mobile phone calls to cut off or be inaudible. Similarly, if there are internet connection problems then usability will not be affected compared to online-based call systems.


A big con of using a landline is the lack of flexibility it affords. In a world where people are increasingly working from home, or on the road as part of their job, mobiles or VOIP mean they can stay connected wherever they are. Landlines on the other hand are restrictive in that the person physically needs to be at their desk to receive or make calls. Another disadvantage of a landline compared to VOIP calls can be price. For example, international calls can be much more expensive using a landline than when made using an internet connection.

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