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The advance of new communication technology has led to changes in the telephone systems being used by businesses. One type of telephone system which is commonly utilised is the Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Traditionally, within this system of telephones, several outside analogue lines were used to make and receive outgoing calls, with each of the phones within the business linked internally too. One of the advantages of this kind of system to employers was that it enabled more phone sets than outside lines to be used, increasing capacity whilst reducing costs.

Today PBX systems still offer financial savings to businesses and are increasingly being used by companies as a cost-effective way of communicating. However, the way that these systems operate has shifted from analogue to digital technology, removing the need for expensive line rental. At the moment there are two main kinds of PBX, Enterprise PBX and Hosted PBX.

Enterprise PBX uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to deliver calls rather than traditional phone lines. Broadband and an internet data network are used to create the connection and also offer additional features such as call recording, phone directories and conferencing calling. Hosted PBX is another way of delivering this communication system. Here, it is hosted in a cloud which staff can connect to from anywhere in the world. This allows them to access the system when working at home or on a business trip and communicate with others as if there were at their desk. This can be hugely beneficial as it offers flexibility over place of work, but allows communication channels to remain consistent.

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