Unified Voice and Data|Blog|Uncategorized|WHAT IS HOSTED TELEPHONY?

The use of hosted telephony is becoming more widespread in the business world, especially amongst SMEs. Hosted telephony, which is also known as cloud telephony, is where a company’s phone system is hosted and managed within a data centre by a specified provider. Hosted telephony uses the internet and headsets to carry out this kind of communication and is popular for the following reasons:

  1. Easy installation

A hosted telephony system is easy to install. This means minimum disruption in the workplace and a quick set up time, allowing business to continue as usual.

  1. Manageable payments

Hosted telephony is also popular due to the low costs involved. Unlike with other modes of communication, there is no need for several different phone lines to be connected or regular maintenance costs for these to be paid. There is also no large initial outlay, with fixed monthly payments being made when this kind of system is used, allowing businesses to budget accordingly with no hidden surprises. This makes access to the latest technology incredibly affordable for SMEs.

  1. Versatility

Another reason that hosted telephony is attractive is due to the versatility that this kind of communication system offers. Should the size of your company change, or an office open or close, the size of the network can be expanded or decreased as necessary to cope with this. The scalability, which can be carried out very quickly, means that productivity and communication power is not affected whilst changes are taking place. Hosted telephony can be accessed from anywhere so is excellent for remote or mobile workers and also gives another level of Disaster Recovery.

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