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A solid communications and IT network are vital to the success of a modern business, and improving the way your systems are connected can have a huge impact on productivity and efficiency. One way of doing so is by utilising structured cabling, but it can be a difficult concept to get your head around.

That being the case, here’s a handy guide including all you need to know about structured cabling:

What is structured cabling?

Structured cabling is essentially the practice of organising your telecommunications and networking infrastructure in a way that maximises efficiency, minimises the mess that can come with masses of cables and reduces the risk of system downtime, particularly when caused by human error.

It can look and sound complicated, but the concept is straightforward – cables are sorted, grouped and organised in accordance with industry standards. Whereas “point-to-point” cabling simply involves running cables directly to and from devices and components, structured cabling often utilises central panels or racks as a central hub to which all devices are linked. The result is a neat, well-organised system to which your entire network, from computers to communications equipment, can be connected.

What are the benefits?

  • Scalability – structured cabling makes adding and removing new parts to your network simple. Moves, adds and changes (collectively known as MACs) are far quicker and easier with structured cabling.
  • Less downtime – with loose wires all over the place, it’s easy to accidentally pull the wrong cable out and before you know it, the whole network is down. Structured cabling minimises this risk and also makes network and system maintenance much simpler, so downtime is shortened considerably.
  • Neatness – aesthetic appeal might not be a top priority when thinking about network infrastructure, but a structured cabling system just looks a lot nicer than a mess of tangled up cables. You want your business space to look as tidy as possible, so why not extend that to your cable network?

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