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Good communication is vital to your business, and that extends to your mobile phones as well as landlines. After all, whether you’re out and about or working from home, you still need to be able to get in touch with colleagues and clients. Finding the right mobile phone deal can be challenging with so many networks and permutations, but here’s how some of the country’s top providers measure up:


O2 are the second most popular network in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. Their customer service is rated very highly, but of particular interest are their dedicated small business options. These come with a number of benefits, including a Digital Advisor to help your business grow and a range of helpful extras, including Microsoft Office and McAfee security apps.


If you already rely on BT for your landline or broadband, you could stand to save a fair amount of money by getting your mobile through them as well – for example, BT broadband customers can save £5 off monthly mobile costs. They use the same reliable network as EE, offer free wi-fi at over five million hotspots around the country and offer personalised, shared plans for businesses with more than five employees. One thing they don’t have is brick and mortar stores, so you’ll have to go online for all your support needs.


The most common complaint about Vodafone is their customer service, and a survey by consumer magazine Which? found that one in six customers wouldn’t recommend the network to friends and family. They do, however, offer a good range of business plans, all of which come with unlimited minutes and texts.


The product of a merger between T-Mobile and Orange, EE is the nation’s biggest mobile network and offers the best 4G speeds and network coverage in the UK. You’re likely to find lower prices elsewhere, but in terms of quality service you can’t really go wrong with EE. Another benefit is free phone replacements during the first year – if anything goes wrong, you won’t need to shell out for another handset.


Aside from the big names, there are some smaller providers worth mentioning. For example, Plusnet offer some excellent SIM-only deals, Giffgaff’s monthly goody bags are great value for money and Virgin Mobile’s customer service is second to none.

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