In the age of modern technology and less and less people using the phone to call, rather text or message, some businesses owners may be forgiven for thinking that the landline is no longer a necessary piece of kit.

The truth is, the decision to have a business phone can make or break your business, with those that decide to keep one having a huge advantage over those that do not.

Often, the issue revolves around complaints. Think about the last time you had an issue with a [product and wanted to get in touch with the provider. Could you call them and if not, how much more aggravated did you feel? When you did call them did you get a person or an automated voice recording? If the answer to both makes you feel more aggravated, you can see how having a call to speak to customers gives you a huge advantage.

Whilst we are not saying that having a good online presence for the Frequently asked questions or that using a chat-based system is bad, but people still want to talk to real people, no matter how good other services are. Maintaining a good brand reputation via a phone system is a great way to remind people that whilst no business is perfect, you are easy to get hold of, you can help people with there problems on a one-by-one basis and you don’t mind talking to people.

There are certain things that a business must have and a telephone number is one of them. People want a way to contact their favourite brands. A telephone number lets them know that you are not out of reach and have a presence beyond the internet. People will start to view your company more professional and you can use your business number as a form of advertising.

If you are looking to upgrade your business phone systems to one that gives you the professional competitive edge, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.